Morbid Alliance

Music by Yiorgos Kalodoukas, Thanos Kalodoukas & Katerina Koti
Lyrics by Katerina Koti

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Directed by: Marousa Strogioglou
Camera: Studio 107
Montage: Kleanthis Konstantinidis


Konstantinos Kazakos
Marouso Athanasiou
Dimitra Mitropoulou
Areti Kokkiniotou
Nassos Conqueso

Special Thanks to Henry Dunant Hospital, A Evangelical Church, Athens
& Vicky Kountourioti


Kleanthis Konstantinidis - Vocals
Yiorgos Kalodoukas - Guitar
George Konis - Keyboards
Katerina Koti - Bass
Thanos Kalodoukas - Drums


Mother, why did you lie?
You told me I cannot die
You said that I’ll grow old and thrive
Father, now… I need your guidance
To comprehend this morbid alliance
That life unfolds in sole reliance to death
You said your God is merciful and kind
You said a greater reason lies behind
And I should pray in my sickness
I should ask him for forgiveness
You should die… die!
Friends? They all disappeared
And lovers shed no tear
Despite their vows of eternal love, oh! I fleer!
Hopes and dreams are all torn down
All my beliefs were phony scenes
In a grotesque show that you never break out

I renounce your demons and your Gods
I refuse to stand here overawed
Who deserves to die in vain?
Why should I accept this fate?
You should die… die!
Our Father who art in heaven
I live in Hell
Hallowed be thy name
Forgotten will be mine
Thy kingdom come
Mine will be gone
On earth as it is in heaven
That is ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Give us this day our daily bread
Please take away my final breath
And forgive my trespasses
Though I will never forgive you
For trespassing against us
And lead me not into temptation
But deliver me from evil
Die in vain…