Mirror Of Reality

Music by: Yiorgos Kalodoukas, Thanos Kalodoukas, Kleanthis Konstantinidis & Katerina Koti
Lyrics by: Kleanthis Konstantinidis

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"Mirror of Reality" is the 20th track of our upcoming debut album, "Mr Funker, The Myth". The album is based on a story written entirely by Groove Therapist.

Groove Therapist consists of:

Haris Lolos – Vocals
Yiorgos Kalodoukas – Guitars And Background Vocals
Kleanthis Konstantinidis – Keyboards, Kazoo And Vocals
Katerina Koti – Bass And Background Vocals
Thanos Kalodoukas – Drums, Trumpet And Background Vocals

Produced by Yiorgos & Thanos Kalodoukas

Recorded And Mixed At Paraktio Studio, Athens 2014
Engineered And Mixed By George Simatos

Mastered By Anestis Psaradakos At Athens Mastering Studio, Athens 2015

Art Design By Kostas Tsiakos

Groove Therapist would like to thank Nikos Vourlakos, John Kaimakamis, Chris Ventouras and Prova Studios, George Simatos and Paraktio Studio and Alex Kontovasilakos for helping us create this video.




Drop D: Tell me, what’s inside this?
Tell me, what I’m here for
Show me, what’s behind this
Fearless I feel no more
You were always hiding
Deep inside my mind’s thoughts
Time to take your mask off
I can’t believe that you’re real

Mr. Funker: You always believed
That’s easier to blame than to forgive
You’re a shadow in the sun
Just before it goes down
Mirror of reality…

Don’t live just for pleasure
Make your life a treasure
True lies always garbling
Damned is this reflection of you

Drop D: Get out of my sight
Get out of my mind and disappear
You’ve always been wrong
And now it’s so clear

I’m back in the dark
My greyhounds are always there to bark
Get out of my way
Get out of my mind

I live in lies (I live in lies)
I have no hope (a man without a soul)
I live in lies (I live in lies)
I have no choice (vanity at all)